National Quality Standards Framework (NQSF)

The FYRC has started its second cycle of the National Quality Standards Framework (NQSF) and is in the process of assessing and evidencing the work for the 5 Core Principles and 10 Standards in Year 1.

 Statement of Youth Work Practise :

 ‘The Finglas Youth Resource Centre works together with young people to help them make positive life choices towards achieving their dreams and goals.  The youth centre is a safe place in the community for young people to come and have fun, learn and get support when it is needed. We believe that relationships with young people based on trust and openness are the foundation of our work. A young person’s journey into adulthood is exciting and challenging and the FYRC provides an opportunity to take part and seek support when there are difficult choices to be made.

At FYRC, we offer a wide range of programmes which share skills, knowledge and provide new experiences for young people. The programmes are led by the needs of the young people and as a response to issues emerging in the community. This means that a programme can be based on an activity of interest or on a particular issue. We also hold weekly drop-ins for all ages where young people use the youth centre as a safe social space to hang out with friends and meet other young people. Our target group is all young people aged 10-21 from the greater Finglas area.  While we aim to be inclusive of all needs within the geographic area, we are conscious of keeping a balance between a general need and providing for those most at risk. In order to do this, we link with other agencies in the community which complement our work. The majority of programmes are based in our purpose built youth centre on Mellowes Road however we also run programmes in the community through street work, outreach and community based satellite centres. The FYRC provides opportunities for volunteers to work with young people and share their skills and experiences and the organisation is managed by a voluntary Board of Management.

We believe that what young people learn and experience at the FYRC can enable them to make a positive contribution to the future of their own community and  our work is aimed at helping them reach their potential to enable them to make this difference’