We are the FYRC

dreamAt the Finglas Youth Resource Centre, we welcome all young people from the Finglas area and provide activities and programmes to those aged between 10-21.

There are 8 youth workers at the FYRC, a Project Leader, an Administrator and 2 support staff. We are open 6 days a week and you can call in and talk to any of us during the day and evening. What you can expect to find at the FYRC is :


Free Running

We have lots of activities and programmes at the FYRC in the coming year. If you just fancy chilling out with your friends and making sone new ones, come down to ‘Your Space’ on Mondays @ 5pm (if you’re 1st-3rd year) or Thursdays @ 5pm if your aged 14+.




  • Junior Leaders get certificatesBecome one of our Junior Leaders and get experience working alongside the youth work team.
  • Learn how to bake, play table tennis or just make new friends at one of our drop ins
  • If you’ve finished school and looking for work or not sure, call in and see what programme can help you progress to the next step.


  • If you need support, information or help with a particular issue, come and have ┬áchat to any of the youth work team.